Customised Furniture

We can create custom made pieces!


Release your inner designer and create your perfect item of French furniture that is uniquely you. For these custom items you are able to choose the frame, paint finish, upholstery and trimming of your item. Custom pieces take between 2 – 5 months to make depending on our ordering schedule. For more information please message us or email [email protected]

Step 1. Frame

You can select a frame which is the same as any item that is on the website. We also have a range of frames that are not on the website which we can show you.

Step 2. Paint Finish

At the moment we have 12 finishes to choose from as per photo below:


Step 3. Upholstery

There are 2 options for upholstery:

1. Choose from our standard upholsteries.

Our popular ones are ‘ivory stripe’ (below), 'snow white', ‘black velvet', 'red velvet', 'pink velvet', 'tiffany', 'white leatherette', and 'siro grey'.

Choosing from our standard uphosteries fabric does not incur extra charge. However, not all colors are available at any time. You can choose a color that you like when placing pre - order and we will be in touch with you if the color is not available at upholstery stage to present you similar options if our supplier can find similar colors to your choice. 

Here are our standard range of velvet colors: 



2. Supply your own fabric.

As a rough guide, small arm chairs require 1.3 meters, large armchairs require up to 5 meters, chaise lounge requires up to 7 meters. We will let you know how much fabric is required.

 Our favourite upholstery fabric store are: ABFabrics and Marthas in New Market, Auckland as they carry a large range of beautiful and high quality upholstery fabric. 

The stores can send you free fabric samples. If you are in Auckland you can take these fabric samples to our showroom and compare them against the paint finishes.

You can buy any fabric of your choice at your own cost and send to our mailing address. Supplying your own fabric will incur extra charge for us to process the fabric, sending them oversea and paying custom tax oversea. 

For detail of extra charge, please see below. 


Step 4. Trimming

Once you have selected the frame, paint finish and upholstery, you can select the trimming. There are three options available, these are pins, braid, or piping.


Below left are the three colours of pins available, these are silver, gold, and brass. They are available as individual pins or pins already in a row. Individual pins are slightly more expensive than the pins already in a row as they take quite a bit more time to apply. On the right are our gimp braid options. 


Below is an example of double piping, for thicker materials such as velvet we would recommend a single row of piping.

Once the items are finished they are completed with a brass La Maison Boutique badge which is discretely placed on the underneath or back of the items.


Step 5. Dimensions

You may be working to fit a particular space and need your furniture to be a different measurement than what it usually is. You may select new dimensions for any item that is on the website. 



What type of extra charge

How much

Paint finish

Extra charge for gold and silver paint

Vary from item to item and the amount of gold/silver needed to be used.

Standard upholstery fabric (*subject to availability)

No extra charge

No extra charge

Custom fabric

Extra charge for postage to send fabric oversea and custom tax

$80 generally for small quantity of fabric (such as for 1 -2 chairs). For larger amount of fabric to be sent, we will inform customer the cost.


No extra charge

No extra charge


Extra charge for admin fee, extra material and/or changing to the production line

Small adjustments to dimension: $50 admin fee

Big adjustments to dimension: we will inform customer the price.  



For all enquires about custom made pieces, please message us or email [email protected]

 Here are a few of our past custom designs:


This is the 'Louis Armchair' frame with matching ottoman. The customer provided their own stunning upholstery from James Dunlop.