​How to select a French Armoire for your home?

​How to select a French Armoire for your home?

Posted by La Maison Boutique on 21st Sep 2018

There are a wide variety of French Armoires available to choose at your choice. These armoires are perfect for your bedroom, living room or even reading room in terms of decoration and also to keep your desired things inside. They can serve a use in any part of your house, that’s why they are so demanding. There are different types of these cabinet that are available at La Maison Boutique. So if you are finding it difficult to select a perfect wardrobe for your house, we will guide you through this article. 

Louis Style

These types of armoires have double mirror doors and they generally stand on decorative scrolled feet. The type of Louis style cabinets we see today are not the typical French style armoires. Most of the available Louis style armoires in New Zealand are manufactured outside France.

Louis Philippe Style

This type are named after Louis Philippe, who was a King during 19th century. These are known for their simplicity, and elegance. They are more refined than any other style cabinet.

Provincial style

Provincial furniture was made in provinces. These types of furniture are mostly rustic in finish, but they are made beautifully. Hand made wooden pegs are used in these large armoires to hold it together.

Henri II Style

Henri II style is known for its size and solidity. These types are huge in size containing dark wood and bun feet. They can have wooden doors, as well as glass mirror doors.

Important Things to Remember before Purchasing

There are certain points you should always keep in mind before purchasing these beautiful French Armoires. All the cabinets represent excellent craftsmanship, so their value will never degrade. French furniture never goes out of date, so investing your money into your desired wardrobe is a key factor.

1. Size

Before purchasing your antique French Armoire make sure you take accurate measurements of your space, including ceiling height, which is sometimes overlooked. If you live in a smaller apartment or flat you may wish to choose a more refined, slimmer wardrobe so as not to appear too imposing on the space

2. Design

French Armoires are a classic item of bedroom furniture, often large and durable. The designs of antique wardrobes are expansive, make sure to match the design of your chosen wardrobe to your needs. If you need more space for hanging clothes or folding garments for example, make sure the design reflects this. A French armoire design would work well in a softly decorated room, the wardrobe reflecting the mood of the interior.

3. Lifestyle

Sometimes one of the most important consideration and one that is often overlooked is lifestyle. Your antique French wardrobe is going to need to be functional and practical for your families or your own needs. There is no point buying a cabinet, with plenty of shelving space, when what is really necessary is an abundance of hanging space, a large three panel Carved open cabinet would suit perfectly in this case

4. Storage

Storage is key to a home. An antique French Armoire can provide for a much needed storage solution. If you have an unused alcove in a room, it is the perfect spot to place a beautiful antique piece of furniture. One that then provides space for you to place your belongings is an added bonus, as well as attractive visually

5. Inject a Story

By purchasing an antique French Armoire for your space, you are not only buying something that will be useful for storage, you are injecting character into the interior. Let an antique wardrobe tell its own story, whether it be a timeless classic natural mahogany armoire or a Louis carved Armoire.