Decorating top of your armoire or tall furniture

Decorating top of your armoire or tall furniture

1st May 2017

Every room needs varying heights of furniture, tall furniture like an armoire or a bookcase adds such class to your French bedroom. But what to put around and on top of a taller piece can be a little tricky. Here are some pretty smart ideas I have found:

Decorate the Top of an Armoire |

Decorate the Top of an Armoire |

In general, the approach is to use one big sculptural piece on top or a few like objects. Since it’s not at eye level, you shouldn’t try to decorate above a tall piece of furniture as much as you should just try to add height. 

Atop a tall cabinet or armoire isn’t really the place to try to create a vignette with lots of smaller objects. Small accessories will just get lost on top of a larger piece and may end up looking a little cluttered. Groups of three or one larger piece usually works best.

How to decorate around (and on top of) tall furniture pieces.

navy bedroom armoire

Decorate the Top of an Armoire |




Decorate the Top of an Armoire |

Display items that relate in color, style or theme or use this area to display a collection of pieces. Just a you would a tabletop surface, use items of different heights and widths to create dimension with in the display.

A great way to break up the visual bulkiness of a heavy rectangular bookcase or armoire is to use circular items. Clocks, round containers, bowls and decorative objects in round or oval shapes will make your top vignette more dynamic and interesting

Adding color up high is always a good idea for creating impact. Pick a color from other elements in the room and carry that to the top of your unit. Flowers, artwork and pottery pieces can add color and substance.


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